Culture 21 Actions: the Results of the Global Panel 2015 

Following the adoption in March 2015 of Culture 21 Actions, the Committee on Culture of UCLG has launched a Global Panel of 34 experts to produce a snapshot of the way in which cities around the world are advancing an integrated vision of culture in sustainable development. Results depict a very interesting landscape, with regional differences as well as varying degrees of development in each of the 9 thematic areas or ‘commitments’ considered in Culture 21 Actions:

webgraph panel ENG

The Secretariat of Committee on Culture of UCLG has elaborated a document with the results of this Global Panel 2015 which includes the list of the experts who contributed to build this benchmark:

cov global panel2015 ENG

The Global Panel 2015 has been elaborated with the answers to an online questionnaire. It can be used by cities and local governments that wish to self-evaluate the place of culture in sustainable development. It is also freely available to researchers, activists and any people committed to culture in sustainable cities. We invite you to use the online questionnaire on culture in sustainable cities.