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2nd UCLG Culture Summit 2017

Following the success of the first UCLG Culture Summit, and considering the growing importance of culture in the framework of sustainable cities, the Executive Bureau of UCLG has decided to convene a second UCLG Culture Summit in 2017. The 2nd UCLG Culture Summit will be hosted by the Province of Jeju (Republic of Korea), from 10-13 May 2017.

Entitled “Commitments and Actions for Culture in Sustainable Cities”, the second Culture Summit of UCLG is the main meeting point at global level of cities, local governments and other stakeholders on the role of culture in sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on the importance of cities and local spaces. The Summit is a forum for knowledge-sharing, peer-learning and networking among cities and local governments.

Over three days, the UCLG Culture Summit will combine plenary sessions, smaller, thematic parallel sessions, project presentations and networking spaces, with the following key themes: Implementing Culture 21 Actions; Towards a Global Culture 2030 Goal (UN 2030 Agenda and New Urban Agenda);Cultural Rights and Local Alliances for Culture. And also cultural policies, gender, education, climate change, economy, urban planning and public space, participation and more…

The 2nd Culture Summit of UCLG is one of the Urban Thinkers Campus promoted by the World Urban Campaign of UN-Habitat.

You will find all the necessary information on the summit on this website. A press kit and the draft programme are also available.


The first UCLG Culture Summit was hosted by the City of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) from the 18-20 March 2015, with the title "Culture and Sustainable Cities". It was a new event aiming to promote knowledge-sharing and networking of cities and local governments, recognizing the important place of culture in sustainable cities. It gathered all key stakholders in the promotion of cultural policies, with special emphasis on cities, local governments and urban actors.

Find here the Terms of Reference for the organization of the "UCLG Culture Summit".

Please do not hesitate to contact the UCLG World Secretariat should you need any additional information.