Adoption of Agenda 21 for culture

A growing number of cities and local governments all over the world have adopted Agenda 21 for culture. The adoption is of great importance both at a local and global level: it expresses a commitment to its residents to ensure that culture takes on a key role in its urban policies, and it also reveals a sign of solidarity and cooperation with the cities and local governments in the world.

cov-list              List of cities, local governments and organisations, on 1st February 2015. 

Map of the imaginary city of the Agenda 21 for culture.

The Map features the cities and local governments, as well as national and international organisations and institutions, which have expressed their support or have promoted the Agenda 21 for culture (according to a list of 1st April 2009).

adop cover eng   If you wish to adopt Agenda 21 for culture, this document may be an interesting guidance.

RT @uclg_org: Líderes y expertos en cultura de todo el mundo se reunirán para debatir la cultura como cuarto pilar del dsrll sostenible #Je

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