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The City of Belo Horizonte is a Leading City of Agenda 21 for Culture in 2015-2017.   Belo Horizonte was part of the 2014 Pilot City programme aiming to document and contribute to the elaboration of Culture 21: Actions which is the document that updates Agenda 21 for Culture. Read its full report on Agenda 21 for culture.   Belo Horizonte is the winner of the first edition (2014) of the International Award "UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21" for the category "City".

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The project "Network of regional cultural centres" developped by Belo Horizonte in the framework of the Pilot City programme is also part of our good practices database.   The project "Arena da Cultura - Artistic and Cultural Training Programme" presented in the framework of the International Award "UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21" was highlighed as an exemplary practice of the Agenda 21 for culture.