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Habitat III

Habitat is the global conference on cities and human settlements organized every 20 years by the United Nations (UN). Habitat III, the 3rd conference took place in Quito (Ecuador) in October 2016, with the topic 'sustainable urbanization'.

We, as the Committe on culture of UCLG, participated in this major international meeting. You can follow the messages that were exchanged and disseminated during the event in this storify.

Previous steps 

Previously, three meetings of the Preparatory Committee of Habitat III (PREP COM) took place in New York (September 2014), in Nairobi (April 2015) and in Surabaya (July 2016). Our former President, Catherine Cullen, participated in these important meetings. Recommendations made by the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments for Post-2015 Development Agenda towards Habitat III in this context include "Culture as a driver and enabler of sustainable development" as a key policy area.

In the framework of preparations for Habitat III, the UN Task Team had published 22 issue papers, as summary documents on a range of areas related to housing and sustainable development. Among these is an issue paper on "Urban Culture and Heritage". Following the publication of these issue papers, a series of online "Urban Dialogues" was launched in July 2015.

In this context, the UCLG Committee on Culture has formulated a set of comments to the issue paper on "Urban Culture and Heritage", which you can also find below. The Committee welcomes the publication of this paper and believes that the new Urban Agenda should provide details of a culture-based approach to local sustainable development.

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Global Taskforce: Initial Recommendations on Habitat III   Habitat III Issue Papers - 4 - Urban culture and Heritage   Committee on Culture of UCLG: Comments on Habitat III "Urban Culture and Heritage"


Following, you can read:

  • The comments of the COmmittee on culture of UCLG, together with 7 other global cultural networks, to the zero-draft of the New Urban Agenda to be presented during the Habitat III Conference in Quito in October 2016.
  • The speech of Luciana Blasco, the undersecretary of Culture of Buenos Aires, and Representative of the Committee on Culture of UCLG, during the Informal hearings with local authorities associations for the preparation of the New Urban Agenda of Habitat III. New York, May 2016.
  • The speech of Jordi Pascual, Coordinator of the Committee on culture of UCLG, during the Habitat III Policy Dialogue on "urban socio-cultural framework". Quito, October 2016.
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Position document on the zero-draft of the New Urban Agenda.   Speech of Luciana Blasco for Habitat III   Speech of Jordi Pascual for
Habitat III