Calendar 2016

15 March 2016   -   Deadline for the call of projects, second "International Award UCLG - Mexico  City - Culture 21".

19-20 April 2016   Brussels (Belgium)   European Culture Forum organised by the European Commission.
20-22 April 2016   Nicosia (Cyprus)   Congress of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CMRE-CCRE, european section of UCGL).
26-29 April 2016   Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil)   World Forum on Arts and Cultural Eduction

19-20 May 2016   Mexico City (Mexico)   Meeting of the Jury. Second "International Award UCLG - MEXICO CITY - Culture 21".
26-28 May 2016   Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia)   Executive Bureau of UCLG.

25-27 July 2016   Jakarta (Indonesia)   Habitat III, Prep com III.

7-10 September 2015   Jeollabuk-do (Republic of Korea)   ASPAC congress (Asia-Pacific section of UCLG).

13-15 October 2016   Bogotá (Colombia)   UCLG World Congress.
14-20 October 2016   Lille (France)   World Forum for a Responsible Economy.
17-21 October 2016   Quito (Ecuador)   Habitat III.
18-21 October 2016   Valletta (Malta)   IFACCA, 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture

End of 2016   Mexico City (Mexico)   Awards Ceremony. Second "International Award UCLG - MEXICO CITY - Culture 21".


You can also consult the 2016 programme of the Committee on culture of UCLG.