Presidency of the Committee on Culture of UCLG


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Buenos Aires

Co-presidency, represented by 
Mr. Ángel Mahler, Minister of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.


Mexico City

Co-presidency, represented by 
Mr. Eduardo Vàzquez, Secretary of Culture, City of Mexico.



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Vice-presidency, represented by Mrs. Pascale Marchand, Councillor for Music, Performing and Visual Arts, Angers City Council.



Vice-presidency, represented by Mrs. Berta Sureda, Cultural Affairs Commissioner, Barcelona City Council.


Belo Horizonte

Vice-presidency, represented by Mr. Leonidas Oliveira, President of the Municipal Fundation for Culture and Secretary on culture for the Prefeitura de Belo Horizonte.


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Vice-presidency, represented by Mrs. Nekane Alonso, Commissioned on culture, Bilbao City Council.



Vice-presidency, represented by Mrs. María Claudia López, Secretary on Culture, Leisure and Sports, Bogotá City Council.


Provincia de Jeju

Vice-presidency, represented by Mr. Won Hee-Ryong, Governor of the Special Province of the Special Self-Government of Jeju.

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Vice-presidency, represented by Mr. Bruno Julliard, first deputy-mayor, Paris City Council.


Porto Alegre

Vice-presidency, represented by Mr. Roque Jacoby, Secretary on culture, Prefeitura de Porto Alegre.




Secretariat of the Committee on Culture of UCLG

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Coordination - Committee on Culture: Mr. Jordi Pascual   Expert A21C - Committee on culture: Mr. Jordi Baltà   Communication - Committee on culture: Mrs. Sarah Vieux