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The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders - 5th UCLG Congress was held from 12th to 15th
October 2016 in Bogotà, Colombia. The Summit also saw the celebration of the 5th World Congress of
UCLG, which was the occasion to renew the mandate of the governing Bodies of UCLG: the General
Assembly, the World Council, the Executive Bureau and, consequently, the election of a new UCLG
Presidency. A Prezi presentation and a promotional video are available.

In the framework of this very important UCLG Congress, the Committee on culture was involved in the
organization of the following events:

(a) A Policy Dialogue on "Culture as a dimension in urban transformation"
    Read the Report on this Policy Dialogue:
    cov policy dialogue bogota ENG

(b) An 'elevator pitch' session on "Culture 21 Actions. Operationalising Culture in Sustainable
    Read the Report on the 'Elevator Pitch' session:
    cov elevator pitch bogota ENG

(c) The Urban LAB - "Co-creating the City"

(d) The UCLG Learning Forum

The Committee on culture also gave support to the events of the "Agenda Bogotà", coordinated by the
City of Bogotà, some of which were related to the role of culture in sustainable development of cities.