dakar We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Oumar Ndao, director for culture of the city of Dakar. He was a great cultural Ambassador of his city and an extraordinary person.

artsummit 2014 logo 327x39 Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, Mr Hernán Lombardi, represents UCLG and its Committee on culture at the 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture (Santiago de Chile, 13-16 January 2014).

basic a21c The Urban Research Day in Malmö, Sweden, takes place on 6 December 2013 with the theme “Culture and Sustainable Urban Development”. You can download the programme here.

montrealOur Co-President in Montreal, Ms Élaine Ayotte, member of the Executive Board of the City Council for culture, heritage and design gave a closing speech in the seminar organised by the Coalition for cultural diversity on 27 September 2013. The title of the speech was « The Convention on the protection and the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions of UNESCO: up to the expectations or deception? » and you can read it here.

basic a21cVote for culture! The network Les Arts et la Ville calls the candidates in the municipal elections of Quebec (3 November 2013) so that they place arts and culture at the heart of the development of their community and they follow the recommendations of the Agenda 21 for culture of Quebec and those issued by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and UNESCO (Declaration of Hangzhou).

mexico The "International Award UCLG - MEXICO City - Culture 21" is open. This leaflet provides detailed information. The application form and the rules are available here.

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Our document carries the justification for such a goal and puts forward several targets and indicators. It is now time for culture to be at the heart of a positive transformative change.

International Award UCLG - MEXICO City - Culture 21

Banner En  copiaThe jury delivered its verdict, check out the cities that participated at the International Award UCLG - MEXICO City - Culture 21 and discover the winners

You can also consult the detailed Report of the Jury.