Category "Individual"

International award 2nd edition 2015-2016

Category "Individual"

This category will recognise an internationally renowned individual who has made a funda­mental contribution to the relationship between culture and sustainable development. This award will be designated by the Jury, without an open competition process.


The organisers invite all the members of UCLG (direct or indirect) to nominate relevant personalities only through this form which will have to be sent to the email award (at)

This nomination must be justified, by describing that individual’s contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the Agenda 21 for culture.


The recipient of the Award will be presented with a trophy produced by an artist from Mexico City, accompanied by a recognition signed by the Head of Government of Mexico City and by the President of UCLG. The selected personality will receive the amount of Euro 25,000.

In the framework of the 2016 Executive Bureau of UCLG, in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia), the Councillor on Culture of Mexico City, and co-president of the Committee on Culture of UCLG, Mr. Eduardo Vázquez Martín, officially announced the winners of the 2nd edition of the International Award UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21.

The Jury of the 2nd edition of the International Award have decided that the winners were:

Jon Hawkes and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui.
Jon Hawkes

Author of the book "The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: culture's essential role in public planning". With this book, Hawkes significantly contributed to transforming the basic structure of public policy making. The core concept that informs his work has become central to many policy development strategies at the local level throughout the world. By proposing culture as a fourth perspective from which to view sustainability (and indeed, all of the key concerns of public policy), Hawkes not only raised culture to the same level as the three traditional dimensions of policy development – economic, social and ecological – he also helped to focus the "sustainability" discourse on culture. For Hawkes, culture "has always been a process rather than a product" and its value "lies in its making far more than in what is made." Consequently, locally generated cultural action becomes the key to sustainable development and takes place within and between communities. Without a vital and inclusive public culture, imagining a future (what else is planning?) can never be effective or wholesome. Always committed to practical local action, Jon currently works with Melbourne-based organisations, Ilbijerri Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Theatre Co-operative, The Substation Multi Arts Centre and J-Studios, an artist run studio collective.

Website: ‘The Hawkes Library’.

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Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui

Sociologist and activist, she is a member of the free independent collective Colectivx Ch’ixi in Bolivia. Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui has been professor of Sociology at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz (UMSA), where she is now Emeritus Professor, and has been a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Columbia (New York, USA), Austin (Texas, USA), La Rábida (Huelva, Spain), Jujuy, and the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (Quito, Ecuador). Along with other intellectuals, in 1983 she founded the Andean Oral History Workshop (THOA), a self-managed group which focuses on orality, identity and the indigenous and popular social movements, particularly in the Aymara region. In the last few years she has also been involved in the setting-up of El Tambo Colectivo, a cultural centre in La Paz which aims to combine academic knowledge, manual work and environmental practices. She is the author of several books, and she has also directed fiction and documentary videos and films. Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui’s work deals with continuity in the logic of domination of indigenous identities and cultures, including in those contexts where diversity and the value of indigenous cultures have been officially recognised.

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