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Author of the book "The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: culture's essential role in public planning". With this book, Hawkes significantly
contributed to transforming the basic structure of public policy making. The core concept that informs his work has become central to
many policy development strategies at the local level throughout the world. By proposing culture as a fourth perspective from which
to view sustainability (and indeed, all of the key concerns of public policy), Hawkes not only raised culture to the same level as the
three traditional dimensions of policy development – economic, social and ecological – he also helped to focus the "sustainability"
discourse on culture. For Hawkes, culture "has always been a process rather than a product" and its value "lies in its making far more
than in what is made." Consequently, locally generated cultural action becomes the key to sustainable development and takes place
within and between communities. Without a vital and inclusive public culture, imagining a future (what else is planning?) can never be
effective or wholesome. Always committed to practical local action, Jon currently works with Melbourne-based organisations, Ilbijerri
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Theatre Co-operative, The Substation Multi Arts Centre and J-Studios, an artist run studio collective.

Website: ‘The Hawkes Library’.

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