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Publication by Prince Claus Fund, ECF and Hivos

17/12/2020 - 13:24

The Prince Claus Fund, the European Culture Foundation (ECF) and Hivos have joined forces to publish a publication entitled "Forces of Art: Perspectives from a Changing World", to which several experts the UCLG Committee on Culture daily works with contributed, including experts Jordi Baltà Portolés and Zayd Minty.

The publication reflects on the transforming power of art in communities in the global south, and is an extensive volume with many case studies and research conducted by people from different regions. It investigates the way in which artists, artworks and cultural organizations affect people and their social environments, and explores how cases of creative practice have been operational in empowering people, communities, and societies in their given contexts. It is a dense, multi-layered, polyvocal compendium of current thinking about the impact of art on civil society and social change, and contains a large number of essays and case studies located all over the world, from Central Asia to Meso and Latin America, from Africa to Central Europe, from South and South-East Asia to the Middle East.

More information here.