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The City of Lisbon is one of the co-presidents of the Committee on Culture of UCLG. Lisbon is also a Pilot City of the Agenda 21 for culture, through our European Pilot City programme for 2015-2017.

Lisbon is the 2017 Iberoamerican Capital of Culture.

Read the interview of Catarina Vaz Pinto, Councillor for Culture in the City of Lisbon (in Portuguese).

Read Lisbon's City Profile.

Read Lisbon's self-assessment report, elaborated in the framework of the Pilot City programme.

Read Lisbon's public event report.

Consult Lisbon's Work Programme.

Consult Lisbon's report on its visit to Buenos Aires. This document is also available in Portuguese.

Read Lisbon's peer-learning report as hosting city for Cuenca, Izmir, Gabrovo, Mérida, Rijeka, Swansea and Terrassa.

Check out Lisboa City's new strategies for culture for 2017 (only available in Portuguese at the moment).


See Lisbon's good practice "Urban Art Gallery".

See Lisbon's good practice: "Sardines contest".