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The City of Concepción is a Pilot City of the Agenda 21 for culture through the Pilot City programme 2016-2017.

The City of Concepción was part of the 2014 Pilot City programme, aiming to document and contribute to the elaboration of Culture 21: Actions which is the document that updates Agenda 21 for culture. Read its full report on Culture 21: Actions.

Project "Cultural strategic plan"

Good practice of Agenda 21 for Culture:the project "Cultural strategic plan" of Concepción, presented in the framework of the 2014 Pilot City programme.

Read Concepción's City Profile (only in Spanish).

Read Concepción's self-assessment report, elaborated in the framework of the Pilot City programme.

Read Concepción's public event report (only in Spanish).

Check out the video of Concepción as a Pilot City of Agenda 21 for Culture.

Consult the peer-learning visit report of Concepción visiting Cuenca (only in Spanish).