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The City of Concepción is a Pilot City of the Agenda 21 for culture through the Pilot City programme 2016-2017.

The City of Concepción was part of the 2014 Pilot City programme, aiming to document and contribute to the elaboration of Culture 21: Actions which is the document that updates Agenda 21 for culture. Read its full report on Culture 21: Actions.

Project "Cultural strategic plan"

Good practice of Agenda 21 for Culture:the project "Cultural strategic plan" of Concepción, presented in the framework of the 2014 Pilot City programme.

Read Concepción's City Profile.

Read Concepción's self-assessment report, elaborated in the framework of the Pilot City programme.

Read Concepción's public event report, elaborated and organized in the framework of the Pilot City programme

Check out the video of Concepción as a Pilot City of Agenda 21 for Culture.