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Report 1

Report 1

Local policies for cultural diversity

The report Local policies for cultural diversity was commissioned by the UNESCO Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue to the Institut de Cultura of Barcelona City Council, as President of the Committee on Culture of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). Its aim was to investigate what public policies support the cultural diversity at a local level.


The report includes four studies on local policies and diversity:  

• “Exploring local policies for cultural diversity”, by Jordi Pascual

• “Local policies and expressions of cultural diversity: Canada and the United States”, by Nancy Duxbury, Derek Simons and Katie Warfield (from Creative City Network of Canada)

• “Local Policies for Cultural Diversity. With emphasis on Latin America and Europe“, by Annamari Laaksonen (Interarts Foundation)

• “Local policies for cultural diversity: systems, citizenship, and governance. With an emphasis on the UK and Australia”, by Colin Mercer.


The report has three annexes. Annex 1 includes 21 case studies; annex 2 contains a list of websites and portals on urban indicators and local policies for diversity; and annex 3 features the Agenda 21 for culture.


(September 2006)