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Culture At Work Africa : new publication

07/05/2021 - 12:07

In the context of our activities as a member of the Culture At Work Africa initiative consortium, we are happy to announce the release  of the final publication "Culture At Work Africa: the Public Value of Intercultural Dialogue for Social Cohesion in Urban Africa".

The publication addresses the lack of documents or reports that illustrate in practice, at work, how culture changes our societies in an empowering way. It explains the reality of 15 African countries and provides details about 33 projects and programmes co-funded in the context of the Culture At Work Africa initiative; from the frames and narratives to the final outcomes and outputs, from the successes to the difficulties experienced. All the projects described in the report can be understood – should be understood – as learning experiences. Beyond this, the publication aims at providing an overall conceptual analysis of the main thematic issues, challenges and opportunities addressed by the sub grantees. 

It also provides recommendations for subsequent activities at local, national, regional or African and EU level. Along with providing valuable lessons in addressing local issues and challenges, this publication also aims at documenting, promoting and providing international visibility on the 33 projects and programmes co-funded in the context of the initiative. With this publication, we aim at providing both a printed and digitalised record of the experiences of both the Consortium and the pool of subgrantees of the Culture at Work Africa initiative.

More information on the Culture At Work Africa initiative: