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EU Commission: Call for tenders

12/08/2019 - 12:06

As foreseen by the 2019 annual work programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe programme and as announced in the EU strategic documents Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022 and European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage, the objective of the present action is to propose a peer-learning scheme for cities and regions on three topics related to cultural heritage policies:

  • Participatory governance of cultural heritage;
  • Adaptive reuse of built heritage;
  • Quality of interventions on cultural heritage.

The project foresees to compile a catalogue of at least 30 good practices from EU cities/regions on these topics. Furthermore, based on this selection, at least 12 peer-learning visits to selected European Union cities/regions shall be organised, bringing 20+ participants per visit (urban, rural and regional policy-makers as well as individual experts with thoroughly demonstrated interest and expertise).

More information here.