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New MOOC on Culture and Climate Resilient Development

28/11/2022 - 11:31

The Committee on Culture of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is happy to release a new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on Culture and Climate Resilient Development.

Hosted on the UCLG Learning platform known as #LearningWithUCLG, our MOOC explores the fundamental role of Culture in Climate Resilient Development, and focuses on the perspective of local and regional governments, as well as cultural actors and institutions from all continents. It is based on the report on 'The Role of Culture in Climate Resilient Development' coordinated by Andrew Potts, coordinator of the Climate Heritage Network (CHN) and published in late 2021.

The MOOC showcases a wide variety of case studies from all over the world drawn from an open call for contributions for the elaboration of the report, a good practice from UCLG Learning peer-learning notes, and audio-visual resources within the modules, as well as complementary in-depth materials, which you will find at the end of the course. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to test your own knowledge in the field.

What will you learn in this MOOC?

  • How to make arts, culture and heritage take part as key factors for imagining new resilient futures; desirable ways of living neither wedded to the carbon economy nor dependent on unsustainable narratives.
  • How to engage with climate change profiles and vulnerability scenarios.
  • How cultural actors are and should be further involved in the emissions of their communities.
  • How to further engage with interdisciplinary work towards tackling climate change, intertwining cultural actors with a wide range of different sectors.
  • How to identify potential tensions or synergies that may arise between climate action and culture, thus reconciling trade-offs and maximising synergies.
  • How to address the challenges of climate change through a cultural lens and from a perspective of equity and justice.

The MOOC is open to anyone interested in learning on the relation between culture, local public policies and climate resilient development. It is free of charge, available in English, and it includes a completion certificate.

You can access the MOOC at: