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Academy Camp: Capacity building for ECoC

13/04/2022 - 13:24

The project "Capacity-building for European Capitals of Culture (ECoC)" has organised four Academy camps to support ECoC teams in addressing four relevant issues: (a) community engagement, (b) audience development, (c) the use of digital tools, and (d) international cooperation. These Camps have also boosted dialogue and exchange between ECoCs. The final Academy Camp will be held online on 12 and 13 May 2022 and facilitated by Jordi Pascual, coordinator of the UCLG Committee on Culture. It will provide the opportunity for all the ECoCs to grasp the bigger picture of the programme developed throughout the previous Academy Camps. All teams will be invited to review together the lessons learnt in the four Camps. Additional topics, such as governance, project management, the importance of narrative and ECoC's legacy, will also be discussed.

The programme is now available. To register, please click here.